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There's just no rhyme or reason
Only this sense of completion
And in your eyes
I see the missing pieces
I'm searching for
I think I've found my way home

Monday, April 12, 2010, 6:16 PM

My. Blog. Is. Officially. Dead.


Monday, February 15, 2010, 10:25 AM
Leave the pieces, love.

Although its chinese new year, I dont even feel the mood at all. Perhaps I'm not the only one. Many things have been bugging me. I dont know how you feel. You seem to be ignoring me. I dont know how to help us. I just want to get this over and done with. I needa run errands. Probably, after this, we wont even talk? I dont know. Maybe its all coming to an end. We'll see the light. And that might be the end. The end to both us. Perhaps, all that we've gone through was merely a beautiful nightmare. When we wake up, its just pushed to the back of our minds.

You asked me if its all worth it. Yes. Its worth it. You once told me that you dont give up easily. I'm not sure if I shoild trust you on that. Changing my password on my iPod from your name to mine. I seem to keep typing the wrong password. I'm stuck in the past. Eeqah invited me to the performance. I don't even know whether I should be going. I needa run errands, like I said again.

Maybe the fact that I wont be seeing you anymore hasnt gotten to my brain yet. Seems delusional. I'll just need to cope with it.

Leave the Pieces - The Wreckers.
You're not sure that you love me
But you're not sure enough to let me go
Baby it ain't fair, you know
To just keep me hanging 'round

You say you don't want to hurt me
Don't want to see my tears
So why are you still standing here
Just watching me drown?

And it's alright, yeah I'll be fine
Don't worry about this heart of mine
Just take your love and hit the road

There's nothing you can do or say
You're gonna break my heart anyway
So just leave the pieces when you go

Now you can drag out the heartache
Baby you can make it quick
Really get it over with
And just let me move on

Don't concern yourself
With this mess you left for me
I can clean it up, you see
Just as long as you're gone

And it's alright, yeah I'll be fine
Don't worry about this heart of mine
Just take your love and hit the road

There's nothing you can do or say
You're gonna break my heart anyway
So just leave the pieces when you go

You're not making up your mind
It's killing me and wasting time
I need so much more than that
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

And it's alright, yeah I'll be fine
Don't worry about this heart of mine
Just take your love and hit the road

There's nothing you can do or say
You're gonna break my heart anyway
So just leave the pieces when you go
Leave the pieces when you go
Oh yeah, leave the pieces when you go

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah
Leave the pieces when you go
Saturday, January 30, 2010, 3:42 PM
In the middle of September;

Finally did something about my blog. Hahaha, of which then seemed impossible. But I did it anyway. Shopped for clothes with Nette, Stelle, Nic and Khai.

I love my white top(: I wanted to get the striped blue and white one, but Nic reminded me that Jo might pull it down. So I decided not to get that one. Nah, just kidding(; Blogshop is just alright now, not as interesting anymore): There's a toga dress I wanted to get, but the bottom seemed really weird! :/ As I was browsing through the official site of Topshop and Forever 21, the Jeggings (What they called the jeans leggings) were cool. I miss heading to city hall's Topshop, its bigger there. Plus, they have 2 topshops there(:

Yay, finally! Daughtry's Tennessee Line is not stuck anymore. It had a problem the last few times I played it.

Back to the point of doing something bout my blog, I wanted a few blog skins but the picture didn't appear! So I gave it a miss. Laziness is the way of life, I haven't finished my Amath tuition homework. Well well. I guess I'll be shopping with my cousin, that's if she's coming. Or I'll get someone else. I was actually invited to Sentosa, but Khai has something on, and I needa get CNY clothes. Therefore, I missing a chance of seeing Khai's friend in a red hot bikini:/

Tonight the sunset means so much
The one thing that you know you'll never touch
Like the feeling, the real thing
I reach out for that sweet dream
Wednesday, January 20, 2010, 10:00 PM

I've just hooked up with To Kill A Mockingbird for Lit test. The saddest thing, Khai did that book when he was Sec 2. I want your brains, you smartass.

Anw, I'm in a dilemma. These few days were crazy, mad, surreal, insane. But I love it(: Dance Night 2010 is exciting, danceworks auditions (I'm not attending). Many more plans. Many more meetings.

FB status is driving me nuts. At least its cooled down. But it wasn't a bad thing(: Hmmm.

Monday, January 11, 2010, 7:49 PM

Omg, Sec 4 O's results are out today! (:

Anw, we had science prac so we left half way during the talk before the results were released. First thing I saw S, she said, "Eh, I saw him at Ngee Ann Poly. His girlfriend damn ugly." OUCH! (: Anw, L then added, "Yeah!".

Okay, no comments from me. Maybe not on my blog(:

I'm getting weaker! I was dead tired today, to the max. Only 2 choreos and I'm on the ground. Trying to keep my spirits up, I got up quickly instead of sitting down. Managed to concentrate in the end(:

OHMYGOSH. I'm gonna try to get into AC by DSA. Hmmm, Zaki and Miss Wee are both going there(: So excited!

I wanna get my tongue piercing back. But since someone has it, I'm considering yet again. I'll get back to you, Michelle Maxine Poooooooon. Cause I'm kinda grossed and freaked out right now. EWWW.

So sad you had to let me go
What will I do without you?
Just when your dark side starts to show
I won't miss you dearly
Some breaking news!
I'm too good for you!
Sunday, January 10, 2010, 8:37 PM

Wow. I haven't blogged in such a long time. Maybe I'll get a new blog or something. Sigh.

I'm turning fatter everyday): Or is it just me? Maybe its cause of not dancing. Danceworks meeting tomorrow, motherfucking bitches! 6.55am, that's fucking early Eunice): Can't even wake up. Maybe I'll start running every morning. Haha, Rina/Nette can come and join me. I'll drag you into this, babes.

TONS TO BLOG BOUT. But I ain't nothing to say): Contradictions.

Sec 4 is like mad. I'm trying to finish every single piece of homework but it seems like its never-ending. Sigh.

I'm just gonna rant.

Anw, why the fuck did y'all go ask her if I'm together with her?! And to make things clear, we're NOT. Stop getting all into my stuff, and if I could get y'all outta my sight, I would. So just stop it.
Just cause I'm hanging out with her doesn't mean that we're together.

Anw, many things happened during this period. Especially when school started.

D: I'm not worth the wait, I did reply your messages btw.

G: You wanna clarify, call me.

MF: Don't change your blog, I'm lazy to re-link): ILoveMyMotherFuckingMaeganFoo.

Dhiv: Tuesday&Wednesday, it's a date babe<3

Nette: Overdued photos, Nette): ILY.

Where does the love go,
I don't know.

Sunday, November 22, 2009, 2:01 PM
Told you so.

Ohmy, I'm yet falling in love with the amazing Jesse McCartney! (:

1. Double Cheese Burger
2. Swimming Pool
3. Panic's New Album
4. Shopping (Velle, Rina)
5. Breakdance
6. Choreo for Sweet Dreams [Link]
7. Changing Shaun's Guppy's name/Throwing the whole tank away:D

All the little tokens and souvenirs of our past are as love letters to an illiterate.